Friday, April 21, 2006

New in Blog

Today i started my blog. I was inspired while i was browsing gaurav blog.I was priviously thinking that i should have my own website.I started with geocities free webhosting service but after sometimes i feeled that it is very time consuming task to post any comments on that site. So i decided to go for google blog.
Still i should have my own website where i can control each and everything. So what i need for that? One domain name, one good CMS,and little bit html knowledge... CMS should be open source. I decided to go for Drupal.And for hosting still i have to decide. Well my website should have more GNU/Linux related information that whoever will visit my site,they should able to learn something related to open source and GNU/Linux.This blog will not carry my daily activity generally.But sometimes it might be.My goal for creating this blog is to share my knowledge whatever i learned and will learn every day.finally i would like to say

It is very necessary to realize now that "Linux" is only a good monolithic kernel.It is one of the important subsystem of a whole GNU Operating System. We should not call "Linux" as a Operating System.

for more information visit this link:
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