Thursday, April 27, 2006

Source Control Management Tool

Now a days we have a good number of source control Management tool.
CVS,SVN,ClearCase,Mercurial are good among of them.I was just evaluating which is best and why? Past two days a good discussion was going on ILUG-Chennai. CVS,SVN,Mercurial are Open Source .
link for CVS,SVN,Mercurial

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yesterday I got a offer letter from Naturesoft,Chennai as a Technical Solution Analyst. My M.Tch will be finished at June,2006. I am very happy that i was employed before i finish my M.Tech.

Now i got too much interested with Linux kernel. I want to make my career with Linux.I found very good metirial to understand the linux kernel
Linux kernel Architecture
Linux Kernel
Now it is time for rock with Linux kernel......Hope i will do my best..