Sunday, February 20, 2011

Learning Grails

While studying IR technique, I was searching a fast,quick web development framework based on Java. After long research and trying with couple with web framework , I settled down with Grails.
I got impression and started building small application based on this framework. Grails is based on groovy dynamic languages. Groovy, you can say a superset of JAVA language. It runs under same JVM what you use for JAVA. So JAVA and groovy programs can run together. Here i am giving couple of link for tutorial. Grails framework is supported by springSource, creator of Spring framework and it supports well. It also supports all modern Object relational Mapping tool like hibernate. A based way to learn to watch screen-cast videos available in grails website and try along with that.

1. grails website
2. groovy website
3. git installation
4. screen-cast tutorial

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Information Retrieval study

Well, It's time to learn . Currently I am reading Information Retrieval Book from this Link.
I feel better while reading this book ,well written.This time my blog post will be quite less as I am more on reading book.Update soon.Meanwhile you can check out some great link about IR.
Web Site:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Started Again..

After three years!! Oops so many things have been changed. Technology,Me,You.....
After long gap, I realized more to have a blogging. I changed my interests too. I am still interest in Open Source but the fields got change. Currently my interests includes Information retrieval,social data mining and search technology.
I love open source and would always like to work on open source software(Use+Contribute).Hope I would continue from now onwards.