Friday, May 05, 2006

Open Source Shooping cart application

If you are looking for good open source shopping cart software,visit Interchange. It worked so well that some company began an enterprise-wide migration to open source software that has Linux running everywhere, from the servers to the desktops.

Top 50 Open Source Application

Now we can do all our work with open source application. Sometimes i have seen that people don't find or don't know which open source applications are available to do certain job. Here is a list of 50 top open source application by devid uhlman which we can use for beginner to enterprise level.This is a pdf file. I am giving here linkwhere you can download. This pdf also contains the regarding application site name where you can get the software.Have a look ,Have a fun!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

OCFS2 project from Oracle

OCFS2 is the next generation of the Oracle Cluster File System for Linux. It is an extent based, POSIX compliant file system. Unlike the previous release (OCFS), OCFS2 is a general-purpose file system that can be used for shared Oracle home installations making management of Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) installations even easier. Among the new features and benefits are:

  • Node and architecture local files using Context Dependent Symbolic Links (CDSL)
  • Network based pluggable DLM
  • Improved journaling / node recovery using the Linux Kernel "JBD" subsystem
  • Improved performance of meta-data operations (space allocation, locking, etc).
  • Improved data caching / locking (for files such as oracle binaries, libraries, etc)

OCFS2 will only work on the 2.6 series of the Linux kernel. As a result, OCFS2 packages are only available for 2.6 based distributions.
SuSE Linux Exterprise Server 9:Bundeled,need configuration
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4:not bundeled ,need to download and configure
Ubuntu:Bundeled,need configuration

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